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Why we are hooked? (Fishing, is a for life experience!)

Fishing is the everyman/everywoman sport, for as little as $22 on average, (handlines, hooks, sinkers and bait) 3 people can get out and enjoy a sport that is both competitive and contemplative at the same time. It is an individual challenge or a group sport where you can compete or just achieve your own personal best record. 

The social butterflies among us get great pleasure posting their efforts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Etc where they can engage in light-hearted comradery from their peers.

Children and adults alike revel in the tall stories and true of those that got away and those that didn’t. And though this may sound ultimately competitive in the talk of one-upmanship it must always be remembered that even side by side the results are individual and therefore the result is merely comparative never competitive. This is especially a bond across the generational divide as many a grandparent will attest as they listen to their grandchild retell their latest fishing adventure.

Fishing as a pastime proves an opportunity to unwind and disconnect from the stresses in life as you focus your mind to whisper down the line for your quarry to take your bait or lure. Your whole being is geared for that moment to one purpose to feel that subtlest of bites among the current, waves or structure vibrations transmitted up that gossamer connection to your potential prey.

At that first nibble, your senses tune the conversation with your fishing buddy immediately ceases and their speech becomes inaudible. Your mind then starts to imagine what is going on at the far end of the line. Is he coming back? Another nibble and you imagine your fish just chewing up the bait to the base of the hook. Your adrenaline spikes and floods your synapses and trigger a myriad of thoughts feeling though your consciousness almost simultaneously.

You now at that moment that the fish and the sport have you hooked but now how to turn the tables.

Those triggered thoughts that flash through usually include.

  • Should I twitch the bait?
  • Is the bait gone?
  • Are the hook and bait set correctly?
  • Is the hook too big for what’s nibbling?

And a host of other questions relevant to you and your experience.

If luck and the planets are on your side you then feel the line tighten, if your using a rod the tip starts to twitch and the bait is taken in one swift move and the game and the fish are on!

At this crucial moment, another surge of adrenaline burst into your system and clouds your original concentration. Your muscles twitch and load for the fight your senses narrow, and you snap back on the line.

We pause the mind motion now (for an important update.)

The novice has no experience at this time with which to determine the next step and the wild discombobulated movements herald to all onlookers that there be fish in these waters but combined with all the hoots and hollers coming from our intrepid fisher tell these same individuals that the true battle the observe will be weather the mind attached to this flailing individual can gain control fast enough. Alas, it is not so as the frustrated vocabulary depended on age and knowledge flow forth into the air. Sometimes in such fervor to shock the sainted and sinner alike.

Those that are further along the spectrum to the fated angler rank i.e. anyone that has had a second hook up or more and maybe some advice from another have the challenge calm their over-exuberance following their adrenaline boost, by following a simple mantra of breath and lower  to train themselves to calm quicker and therefore regain some control of the situation. This lets the assess rapidly due to the latent effects of their adrenalin their next moves as they then adopt the time-honored techniques of tip-up, rest, wind down, rest, repeat. This mantra along with variation of when and where to hold helps to dissipate the negative effects of our adrenalin boost and calm the situation whereby more informed and balanced decisions can be made. However, this still is no guarantee that the bust of and subsequent vocabulary won’t occur it merely returns some peace to the environment.

Press Play....

So now you are in the fight the fish is thrashing hopefully you are not, and the game becomes a mix of skill physics and engineering on your part against tenacity and instinct of the fish. If the luck is with you are rewarded with the landing of your prey Regardless of the species, you have achieved a new level in your quest for angler status.

Despite any disappointment, if the fish is an unwanted target or the feedback from any onlookers, the first part of the experience with all fishing remains.

It is after all the ultimate lucky dip.

Though you may limit the distraction of unwanted species by further learning we all revel in the initial steps and that is why we too become hooked.

  • The nibble
  • The anticipation
  • The launch into action
  • The competition with the unknown
  • And the victory

These always remain and keep us and generations of fishers, returning to the sport.

Despite how much or how little gear we buy or accumulate throughout our life, if we have been taught to fish, we will return to the water dangle a line and contemplate. We know regardless of what happens in our lives this challenge will always remain the same. Consistent and calming.

So, give it a try and teach a child the joy.

By G C-B.

C-B Tackle


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • It’s one of the best activities that one can do to keep ones mind relaxed. It gets physical when you starts deploying different techniques such as slow jigging from shore. Bit expensive since it involves different gears. Which ever it may be fishing is relaxing and make you forget all the other troubled moments you had and going through. Love fishing from shore and I had memorable 10 years of hobby fishing at beautiful clean waters of Dubai.

  • I still remember my first fishing trip aged 5 with my father that was 56 years ago if I dont get onto the water every fortnight or so I start to get a bit twitchy

    Kevin Richards

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