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For the joy of it

  • Why salting bait is smart money, for the savvy Fisherman

    Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to remove 25% to 33% of the weight by volume through the salting process. This is a much more accurate method than situations where you see products being salted for days and days. If you are salting on a regular basis as we do here atĀ C-B Tackle it is far easier to operate on this weight-based process.
  • Why we are hooked? (Fishing, is a for life experience!)

    Fishing is the everyman/everywoman sport, for as little as $22 on average, (handlines, hooks, sinkers and bait) 3 people can get out and enjoy a sport that is both competitive and contemplative at the same time. It is an individual challenge or a group sport where you can compete or justĀ achieve your own personal best record.